About Domaster

Has been engaged in the high-voltage insulator industry for over 50 years, Zibo Domaster is an expert in producing all kinds of porcelain insulators, which are mainly used in high-voltage transmission lines, power distribution lines, power station equipment, electrified railway, urban rail transit, among other fields. Now our ceramic insulators are found popular in more than 45 countries, and gain about 70% market share among Chinese metro rail industry.

    1. Electrical Post Insulator
    2. The designs are in line with GB, TB, ANSI, AS, IEC, and BS standards, as well as clients’ special requirements
      Good mechanical properties under low temperature: a bending test demonstrates that, under a low temperature of -40 °C, the damage degree of our porcelain insulators shows little difference with those under a constant temperature state.

    1. Line Post Insulator
    2. This insulator is mainly applied in the AC power lines of common or heavy contaminated areas with the voltage over 1000V, the frequency less than 100Hz, and the altitude within 1000m. The appropriate temperature for installing this sort of porcelain post insulator is -40℃~+40℃.

    1. Porcelain Insulator for Railway and Light Rail
    2. This series of products are commonly used in DC1500V overhead catenary system. They can be classified as rigid suspension insulator, cantilever rod insulator (JA&JB), anchor insulator, and feeder insulator, etc. The insulators for high speed rail are suitable for being installed with horizontal oblique cantilevers, with the drainage holes being mounted downward.