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Line Post Insulator

Porcelain Post Insulator, Line Post Insulator, Solid Core Post Insulator, Station Post Insulator, Insulators for AC Overhead Line

Line post insulator is a kind of rigid insulator permanently mounted on metal base. It can also be installed on the base’s supporting structure with several studs or bolts.

This insulator is mainly applied in the AC power lines of common or heavy contaminated areas with the voltage over 1000V, the frequency less than 100Hz, and the altitude within 1000m. The appropriate temperature for installing this sort of porcelain post insulator is -40℃~+40℃.

Line post insulator is a replacement of pin insulator, which is B type and may be broken down or damaged during running. When there is a failure, the glass insulator will break itself while the porcelain type will not, so the power sector has to invest heavily in conducting electrical testing and preventive test upon the porcelain insulators. Now, the solid core post insulators which are A-type are widely applied for they won’t be broken inner the insulation body during running.

Basing on the lightning impulse withstand voltage, our line post insulators can be divided into 8 classifications: 95kv, 105kv, 125kv, 150kv, 170kv, 200kv, 250kv and 325kV. And classified according to the rated bending force, there are 4 different types: 3kN, 5kN, 8kN, and 12.5 kN. We offer both vertical and horizontal installing methods. The line post insulators are connected with the voltage wires either in top lashing or top clamping ways. According to the connecting methods between the steel legs and the bases, the post insulators can be classified as the separable type (threaded connection) and inseparable type.