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About Domaster

Zibo Domaster Insulators was formerly known as Zibo Morgan Insulators Company, a joint venture co-funded in 1997 by British Morgan Crucible and Shandong Electric Porcelain Factory who possesses 40 years’ electrical porcelain manufacturing experience. It was controlled by Morgan Crucible then. After being purchased by Tyco Electronics (America) in March 2000, we were renamed as Dulmison Zibo Insulators and changed our name to TE Connectivity (Zibo) Company once again in December 2010. In October, 2013, TE connectivity transferred its whole properties to Zibo Domaster and that was our formal beginning.

Now Zibo Domaster has been a specialized porcelain insulator manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience in high-voltage insulator field. Our porcelain insulators are widely accepted in high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, power station equipment, electrified railway, urban rail transit, and many other industries. They have been exported to more than 45 countries and occupy 70% of the market share in the Chinese metro rail product market.

With advanced processing techniques, superior electromechanical properties, reasonable structural design and high reliability, Domaster insulator products are committed to continuously meeting and surpassing customer’s expectation, as well as maximizing value for customers!