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Inspection Devices

Each of the raw materials we use as well as each of the porcelain insulator we made has to undergo strict inspection process and be given a formal quality detection report. Zibo Domaster has introduced a complete set of laboratories and testing equipment, for example, a physical and chemical laboratory was set to test all of the properties of our raw materials, including dimension, mechanical characteristics, and electrical performance, etc. Here are some of the testing devices in Zibo Domaster.

1. Mechanical testing machine
This machine is imported from Australia, mainly used to perform mechanical destructive test for our ceramic insulator products. It is competent in conducting 600kN tensile test, 40kN bending test, and torsion test.

2. Zinc coating thickness gauge
Zinc thickness of the metal workpieces in Zibo Domaster is measured using this gauge imported from Britain.

3. Power frequency withstand voltage tester (rain simulation chamber)
It is applied in performing both power frequency dry test and wet test within a voltage of 250kv.

4. Lightning impulse voltage generator
This machine is newly purchased in 2015 from Yangzhou Xinke High Voltage Electric Company, for conducting lightning impulse test upon our insulator products with the voltage no more than 250kv.

5. 4-direction bending machine
With this bending machine, some mechanical bending force will be exerted on the insulators from 4 directions in a certain proportion to detect some of the defects in our products, such as crack.

6. Thermal cycle testing equipment (developed in-house)
Designed for conducting thermal test with the temperature between 0°C and 100°C according to clients’ requirements

7. Porosity testing machine (developed in-house)
Used for observing the siphon phenomenon of our porcelain insulators upon clients’ request

8. Plasticity tester
Used for testing the plasticity of clay materials

9. Particle size analyzer
Being introduced to detect the particle size of clay materials

10. Flame photometer, spectrophotometer
Employed to measure the chemical components for various materials